Foam Roller Exercises for Upper Body Mobility

Do you have stiff back and sore neck after a long day of work? Your foam roller is a great for more than just rolling out your muscles! Below you can see Courtney demonstrating three of our favorite exercises for upper body mobility.

  1. The open book: lay on your side with your foam roller under your top leg. Rotate your top arm behind you. Stop when your knee begins to lift off of the roller. Hold for 5 seconds and repeat.
  2. The chest opener: lay vertical on your foam roller, head and bottom should both be on the roller. Open your arms like a snow angel until you feel a good stretch across your chest. Hold for at least 30 seconds.
  3. Upper spine extension: lay with your foam roller perpendicular to your body, under your upper back. Use your hands to support your neck. Extend over top of your foam roller, keeping your neck still (do not look backwards). Return to your original position. You can change the level you are targeting in your back, by scooting your bottom up and down.