Stretches to Help You Get Ready for Golf Season

The weather is getting warmer, which means Golf season is here! Hip mobility is extremely important for your golf swing. Here are three of our favorite stretches to get your hips loosened up! Piriformis stretch: place one leg over top of the other. Grab your bottom leg and hold. If you are having a hard […]

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Foam Rolling Your Tensor Fasciae Latae (TFL)

Foam rolling your IT band can be extremely painful and the latest research suggests that this exercise does little to effect the length of the tissue. Instead of rolling the IT band, try rolling your TFL. This is the muscle that attaches into your IT band. Here you can see Jean rolling the front of […]

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Foam Roller Exercises for Upper Body Mobility

Do you have stiff back and sore neck after a long day of work? Your foam roller is a great for more than just rolling out your muscles! Below you can see Courtney demonstrating three of our favorite exercises for upper body mobility. The open book: lay on your side with your foam roller under […]

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