Big and Beyond

Big and Beyond

Exercise Class for PARKINSON'S DISEASE

Back in Motion Physical Therapy is now offering our new "Big and Beyond" exercise class for patients with Parkinson's disease. After a year of offering the LSVT Big therapy program, our therapists have witness dramatic functional improvements with their patients! With regular daily practice of the key exercises, patient's with Parkinson's disease can maintain and improve their balance, strength and ease of movement. For many patients, compliance with continued exercise is a challenge.

To facilitate exercise compliance, we have recently launched our new "Big and Beyond" exercise class for the graduates of the LSVT BIG therapy program. These are small group classes with the goal of reinforcing large amplitude movement patterns that were introduced and practiced during the patient's time in physical therapy. The class focus is to reinforce the Maximal Daily Exercises for improvements in balance, strength and endurance.

The "Big and Beyond" exercise class is held in our Lorton and Alexandria VA physical therapy practice locations. The cost is $15 per class. Class size is limited to 6 per class. Call for current class schedule.

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