Aileen Andolino, MSPT, ATC, ART

Aileen Andolino

Aileen Andolino, MSPT, ATC, ART, has been with Back in Motion since July of 2009. She graduated from Boston University with her Bachelor of Science degree in Athletic Training and Masters Degree in Physical Therapy. She became full body certified in 2005 for Active Release Techniques, she currently utilizes trigger point dry needling as an adjunct to her manual therapy work, and is currently working towards becoming a DNS certified practitioner. Her focus in physical therapy is to re-establish proper movement mechanics based on neurodevelopmental patterns of movement and retraining the integrated spinal stabilizing system.

Aileen is an avid student of Classical and Power Pilates and is a Level I Kettlebell Instructor. She utilizes Kettlebells in her own strength training program.

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