Athletic Performance

Functional Movement Screen and Training

  • Would you like to dramatically improve your explosive speed and change direction faster and more efficiently?
  • Are you interested in decreasing your risk of non contact sports injuries?
  • Do you want to play with a competitive edge?

The Functional Movement Screen (FMS) by Gray Cooke PT is an objective performance test used to identify problematic muscle imbalances, joint mechanical deficiencies and functional performance inadequacies. The goals of the screen and subsequent training are to optimize your sports performance and eliminate non contact injuries caused by musculoskeletal deficiencies.

The 3 basic steps include:

  1. Seven fundamental movement patterns are evaluated and scored.
  2. Corrective exercises are formulated based on individual test results.
  3. Training can be implemented on an individual basis as well as in small groups or for entire sport teams.

The NFL will be utilizing the FMS on their Football players during the 2010 preseason!

Endorsed by Dr. Hugo Davalos a local Orthopedic Surgeon

Can you really afford to be hurt this season?

The average cost of an ACL (Anterior Cruciate Ligament) knee surgery is $25,000, accounting for 100,000 surgeries each year. $2.5 Billion industry just on surgery and rehabilitation alone!

  • Recent studies have concluded that girls have a 6:1 ratio for major knee injuries compared to boys.
  • Are you jumping correctly and efficiently? Can you land safely?
  • Studies have determined proper training can reduce incidence of serious knee injuries by 62% (Hewett et al.AJSM 1999)

Training sessions are also available to enhance your athletic performance. Individual and small group sessions are available. Speed enhancement and the ability to change directions efficiently are addressed. With your specific sport in mind, exercises are carried out focusing on core stability, flexibility, balance and strength. Classes focus on the elements of your specific sport and personal goals.

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